Pan-Pearson Hackathon | November 2013

Ideate. Collaborate. Code.


Challenge Brief

Ideate.               Come up with a cool idea that can be turned into a real product. 

Collaborate.     Team up with your colleagues to turn the idea into reality. 

Code.                Make it happen and show off your awesome project.  


<h>acking takes place November 5th and 6th


Each team has 1.5 days to design and build their hack. The output should be a working prototype. 

The APIs page is full of Pearson resources which you can use for your hack. While we strongly encourage teams to incorporate Pearson APIs in their projects, it is not mandatory and you are still free to use any API of your choice. 


The June Pan-Pearson Hackathon saw over 400 Pearson colleagues come together in 15 locations and 6 countries to build on ideas. From fun games to amazing projects using new technologies and inspiring projects that sparked business interest - the creativity and innovation was limitless. 

This November, we will be kicking off our 3rd Pan-Pearson Hackathon, and we hope that you are as excited as we are! Running at the same time as the Tech Summit Hackathon, this event will have a slight twist. We very much looking forward to seeing all your fantastic ideas taking shape over the course of 1.5 days, however this time around you will also be able to choose from ideas that have been generated from all over Pearson. This way you can work on your own ideas or choose from the many ideas generated throughout the business. More information about this can be found on Neo.  


Check out our June 2013 winner: