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Where Is MAD Cat?

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    Mad Cat!

Let's face it - American's are not very good at Geography. A 2002 National Geographic Society Study said that,
"of Americans aged 18 to 24, almost 30 percent could not identify the Pacific Ocean on a map. More than half could not locate India, and 85 percent could not find Iraq", (Bill Norrington, UCSB News).  To solve this, we combined everyone's favorite animal, the cat, with everyone's favorite childhood game show, "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego". A vicious criminal mastermind, MAD Cat, has stolen the Crown Jewels, but fortunately security camera's around the world have captured some of his location. Using your sleuthing skills to discover his location and recover the valuables!

This web app utilizes the following technologies:
DK Top 10 Travel API
Google Image Search API
Google Maps API
Ruby On Rails

On the back-end, we choose one of the Travel Guides in the API and choose 3 random attractions within that location. We then use Google Image API to find pictures of these attractions and provide them to the user as hints. To speed up loading, all common images are cached. If the user is having trouble, we utilize Google Map's API to provide a zoomed out, label-free, map of the region.

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    Ashley dittmer

    Best App EVER!! :)