How it works

 Tackle an interesting question

Every challenge starts off with a guiding question. Each challenge is hosted by an organization interested exploring and even executing solutions. Once you join a challenge, you will be able to learn the background information related to this case and build prerequisite skills.


 Work collaboratively

Many challenges will allow you to create or join teams. You can join multiple teams and the membership is fluid. Teams can receive messages public and private messages. You will also be part of the challenge community and can communicate with others via forums. Have one on one conversations with participants.


 Learn through feedback

We expect you to hypothesize, build, test your assumptions, and learn from feedback. Learning is scaffolded and done iteratively. With each submission round, you will receive feedback from select members and the community. The feedback is from likes, ratings, and comments. This feedback will help you figure out how to adjust or pivot.


 Build digitally

Everything you turn in will have a digital component and teach you 21st Century Skills. You may be asked to turn in a video, presentation, screenshots, website, or other digital media.


 Earn verified recognition

Receive points and badges for your skills. You can earn them by receiving recognition from the community via participation and your submissions. Some challengs may reward winners with additional prizes.


 Share your portfolio

Show off your work to friends, colleagues, and potential employers.